Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies

Maintaining the privacy of our website and mobile application uses is one of our most significant concerns. It is because we collect some of your private information which must be guarded by all means. It is therefore crucial for our services seekers to know the following

Gather of Information

  • Why we gather your private information;
  • The type of information we collect;
  • How is the info acquired utilised; and
  • How and when you can apprise that information or control or limit its applications.

Dissemination of Information by Service Providers

Our “Privacy Policy,” this privacy policy defines Bio Singapore which a registered address at 18061 Fitch, CA 92614, Irvine gathers, applies and disseminates the information provided by our service users. Such information may include your personal information, Geo-location as well as the type of service you are requesting. The word service’ defines the website in addition to other sub-domains, sub-sites, software applications, mobile apps , features, services, and or associated or associated (Jointly as, “our Websites”).

The Type of Information That We Collect

1.0 What type of information do we collect?

1.1 The sole purpose of collecting information from uses is to keep improving our site to keep offering reliable and better services to every service user of our website. It may include tracking the kinds of editorial content sought out after, as well as the most relevant exciting information we offer, according to the number of users visiting that particular piece of information.

Personal Information Collected

1.2. The information about you (“your personal information”) is mainly obtained from two primary sources, namely.’

  1. The information provided by the user to us termed as the (“Bio Singapore”). Note that almost all of your services require the user to create an account with us before assessing our services. For instance, when creating an account, you are required to provide personal information such as your email address, your names, telephone number, among others . Also, you ma,y give information on your social media functions or resolutions you made in discussion boards such as the survey, completions, and promotions you are undertaking.
  • The (“Bio Singapore”) is the information that we collect from the uses when accessing our services. It includes.

Device Information Collected

  1. Your device information such as the hardware set, version and browser type, language, operating system, platform, time zone setting, and time and date of the service requests.
  2. Log Information. Whenever you visit our website, we routinely save certain information in the server logs automatically. Such information may include but not limited to;
  • The complete referral Uniform Resource Locators(URL) click-stream from, though, or to other Websites, search queries, page response time, the duration of time spent in a website, download errors, interaction on the screen such as clicks, scrolling, and mouse-overs.
  • Device internet protocol (IP) address. An IP address is a unique number assigned to any device that is connected on the internet such as the smartphone, tablet or PC and mainly used to pinpoint the geographic location of the device
  • Cookies will individually identify and collect your browser information, particularly on how the users interact with the website.
  • Others include the Location information, Local storage as well as the storage and collection technology.

In our services, we have embraces the use of Bio Singapore for collecting data in such a way that it is an anonymized, non-identifiable method so that users cannot realise while using our content.