Biosingapore hereby categorically declare that that has not registered as a commodity trading advisor in compliance with the commodity exchange act. The company is not currently engaged in the practice of providing advice to other parties. We do not share any opinions as far as trading commodity interests or the value and the possibility of such investments is concerned.

Agreements and Statements Done at Bio Singapore

Any agreements entered into with Biosingapore is known as principal and all information provided and resulting negotiations with Biosingapore is done as principal and this includes all statements which is provided. It should be known that absolutely any communications whatsoever enter into with Biosingapore in relation to any transactions were never intended to be trading advice. The available material is merely a part of a Biosingapore trading desk. It should always be understood that any opinions which appear herein may be different from the opinions which is released by other areas of Biosingapore.

Commentary is Solely for Information Purpose Only

A new reader must understand that this market commentary is merely for information purposes and it should never be seen as a recommendation, and offer, solicitation or advice regarding the sale or purchase of any financial instrument involving a physical commodity. Biosingapore and all of its affiliates will always act as principal in transacting and financing in services and commercial products. This will be provided to wide range of qualified individuals and companies. It might happen during engagement in these activities that Biosingapore might have positions whether short or long which might effect that position or effect transactions in financial instruments relating to physical commodities.

Market Participants Only

Biosingapore is very active as a market participant and holds derivative positions with access to a wide range of commodities. All information provided relates to the time and date provided above and Biosingapore does not accept responsibility to update such information.

Market Data Not Guaranteed

Therefore, all data, market prices and other information is not guaranteed as far as its accuracy or completeness is concerned and furthermore, such information can and will be changed without prior notice. It must always remember that all forecasts, projections and predictive information is only based on assumptions and might not have an actual or accurate bearing on future conditions or events.

No Obligation to Accept Responsibility or Liability

Furthermore, it should be understood that this information has not been independently verified by Biosingapore and therefore Biosingapore is under no obligation to accept responsibility or liability for any loss which might result because of the use of this material. It should also be noted that any transactions which involves financial instruments referencing commodities which is mentioned here in might not be suitable for all producers, investors and consumers of commodities. Readers of this material will be required to make their own assessment regarding the suitability of this information for their individual purposes. It will always be best for readers to contact a salesperson which is preferably someone at a qualified registered entity preferably in their own residential area for suitable advice as far as any transactions is concerned which involves Biosingapore.